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Pilgrimage to Italy: Don’t Go Without This Book!

Nevada City, California, February 20, 2008 — The Pilgrim’s Italy: A Travel Guide to the Saints by James and Colleen Heater has been revised and updated. Published by Inner Travel Books, this second edition provides pilgrims with vital information for visiting profound pilgrimage sites in Italy, meditating on the lives of the saints, and experiencing their blessings.

Spiritual travelers and pilgrims of all faiths will appreciate the addition of up-to-date information on two revived ancient pilgrimage routes, the Via Francigena and the Cammino di Francesco. The Via Francigena originates in Canterbury, England and transverses Italy from the northwest Alps to Rome. The Cammino di Francesco, a fifty-mile footpath in the Rieti Valley, links the sanctuaries frequented by St. Francis of Assisi.

The Pilgrim’s Italy recommends that every pilgrim stay in monasteries and convents. With the unfavorable exchange rate for the Euro, it not only makes economic sense to stay in religious housing, but it also enables the pilgrim to remain in the inspirational vibration of prayer and meditation. This is one of many invaluable tips in this revised edition for enhancing the spiritual experience. Additionally, all contact information and resources are updated, with the inclusion of the latest books and websites for finding lodging in monasteries and convents.

Pilgrims will be grateful for new information on two beloved saints, St. Anthony of Padua and St. Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio). Three shrines related to St. Anthony of Padua have been added: two in Camposampiero and one in Arcella. The ever-popular shrine to the twentieth century stigmatist, St. Pio, now has a new ultramodern church that holds up to 8,000 pilgrims.

Sister Wendy Beckett praises The Pilgrim’s Italy

Sister Wendy Beckett, the popular BBC/PBS host and author of more than thirty books writes, “Pilgrims are not tourists. They have come, quietly and humbly, to seek the holy and enter more deeply into God’s Blessedness.” The Carmelite nun wrote these comments in reference to The Pilgrim’s Italy and added “The Heaters have found this stillness for themselves and here set out to share its essentials with men and women who earnestly seek God.” These essentials of pilgrimage are step-by-step techniques of meditation to guide people of all faiths in the simple discovery of ways to experience the saints for themselves and find the personal inspiration they are seeking.

Authors, James and Colleen Heater, are longtime practitioners of yoga and meditation living in Nevada City. Asked what motivated them to write the books, Colleen explained, “We traveled to Italy in 1998 on our honeymoon seeking the blessings of pilgrimage, but found little help from existing publications. This led us to combine our interest in the lives of the saints and our love of travel to create a series of pilgrim travel guides.” Husband and co-author James added, “People are looking for profound and transformational experiences to inspire them on their spiritual paths. Our primary intention is to offer a straightforward approach for deepening the pilgrimage experience.”

Inner Travel Books specializes in publishing spiritually oriented travel guides. The series currently includes The Pilgrim’s Italy and The Pilgrim’s France, followed by The Pilgrim’s Spain in 2009. Visit or the links below:

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